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The Company OC Telefonmarketing – was founded in Hamburg. OC Telefonmarketing does not operate as just a call center, but rather as an outsourced in-house marketing department of your company. The core of the company is Mr. Cavalcante, he have over 27 years experience in telephone marketing.

The added value we provide – The OC Telefonmarketing team has a great deal more to offer. Each team member makes between 200 – 300 telephone calls daily and we have a wealth of experience in analyzing your calls. We are constantly working on ways to improve our level of service.

Main area of expertise – From the outset we have specialized in the field of new client acquisition in the insurance sector. We concentrate on gaining new corporate clients by obtaining personal appointments for insurance brokers and insurance companies. This service enables our clients to offer policies such as company pension schemes, property insurance, vehicle insurance, director & officer insurance, trade credit insurance and to provide customer care to existing clients.

Change is here to stay. Every German Company has to be open to change to survive in today’s competitive market place. Furthermore it is essential to have an active business development strategy in place to gain new customers and not to lose out to the competition. This is exactly where our strength is and we can help you to raise your profit by increasing your market share and improving your customer service. A Kienbaum study revealed that developing and implementing new marketing strategies is essential for success in the market place. However this is the one area where most companies are lacking. The pressure of daily business often means that not enough attention is given to winning new customers.

How we can help you

OC Telefonmarketing can help you develop and implement new strategies. The methods we use enable you to contact your target clients with precision and no wasted calls. We are often told that a firm is already engaged in telephone marketing, but we would comment on this as follows:

Virtually every company is doing telephone marketing – in some way or other –

It is not enough simply to work down a list of customers – the most valuable asset a company has. Not every employee has the skills to undertake effective telephone marketing. It is a talent which has to be acquired, some people are good at telephone marketing and others just don’t have what it takes.

We expect more! – You need to as well!

OC Telefonmarketing works exclusively with permanent full-time staff. Should our own capacity be exceeded, then we can use the services of a reliable partner company who shares the same philosophy and works to the same high standards as OCtel. Call Center.

Appointment making for sales representatives

One of the core roles of telephone marketing is to obtain personal appointments for sales representatives. The obvious advantages of making telephone appointments are as follows:

– The sales representatives can concentrate on areas where they add the most value – on customer care.

– The sales representatives only visit customers who have requested to see them in advance.

During the telephone call our employees can obtain valuable background company information from prospective clients, such as information on competitors, investment plans, size of investment etc. The representative can thus better prepare in advance for the agreed appointment.

„No wasted calls“

The sales staff do not have to face rejections over the phone.

Permanent customer contact with potential clients enables us to build a database, which can be used for future campaigns; etc. In the Germany telephone sales are an established way of marketing for most companies and this is increasingly becoming the case in Germany as well. Telephone sales are a crucial step in building a direct customer relationship. Ever more companies are using telephone sales as a way of reaching their clients faster. It is essential that telephone sales agents have accurate client information and that they are trained to focus on individual client needs, rather than swamping them with irrelevant products. Customer queries need to be dealt with promptly and competently.

Annual trade fairs attract a large number of visitors. Sales and marketing staff may be either waiting around for clients or alternatively overrun by a stream of visitors.

Staff time at trade fairs can be optimized by making pre-event appointments by telephone with potential clients. The customer obtains a fixed appointment by telephone with a nominated sales person. This enables both the potential customer and the sales and marketing staff to plan better for the appointment. In addition, you as our client are provided with information on the number of visitors to your stand and further background information on those attending. This allows you to focus in advance on the requirements of potential clients.

After the event we can service clients who attended the appointments and those with whom sales staff had contact during the fair.

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